To donate to Birds of Prey Northwest:

​For a rescue emergency

- eagle, hawk, falcon, or owl -

208- 245-1367 or 208-582-0797,

or Idaho Fish and Game at



Key Contributors:
Avista Utilities

Brad Corkill of Whiteman Lumber

Buell Trucking
Coeur d’Alene Tribe

McFarland Cascade

Fisherman’s Market

Idaho Fish & Game

Oxarc and Oxarc president Greg Walmsley

Sid Clark, Engineer
University of Idaho
Washington Trust Bank

Janie releases a

rehabilitated barn owl back into the wild.

There was something amazing in store for Birds of Prey Northwest over the Labor Day 2015 weekend!

The gentlemen in the first picture collaborated for more than a year to surprise BoPNW on Sunday with a much needed replacement vehicle. From left to right: Greg Walmsley, president of Oxarc and donor of van, Artists Dave Govedar who first introduced us, and Keith Powell who donated the graphics of a golden eagle.

Thanks so very much! We can now transport patients and ambassadors in safety and security!

For more information on any of these opportunities, or to inquire about a sponsorship, please fill out the following form:

If you find a downed raptor or owl:

Immediately call a Fish and Game Officer, a local veterinarian, or preferably a wildlife rehabilitator who has expertise and housing for these specialized avian patients. Specific federal permits are required of those who care for and medically manage birds of prey.

Only handle the bird if you are instructed to do so, and be careful to follow the expert's instructions exactly.

​Never feed a raptor, especially young that are prematurely grounded. Feeding can lead to an irreversible condition of human imprinting.


It is invaluable to have the advice of experts at hand. If you are a veterinarian, practitioner of law, or another type of professional that wishes to volunteer your expertise, Birds of Prey Northwest will be very grateful to have you!


If you are able to donate monetarily, 100% of your donation goes directly towards caring for the birds at Birds of Prey Northwest. Food to feed the rehabilitating and non-releasable birds, electricity to operate the maintenance building and aviary heat lamps, veterinary expenses: all of these benefit from each dollar donated.

These active birds of prey eat a surprising amount of food, from a couple mice daily for the smallest pygmy owl to whole flanks of fish or venison for the large eagles. If you have any extra, clean meat (perhaps some that became freezer burnt?) that you would like to donate, it will provide multiple meals for many birds!

Sponsorships are also available. These donations go towards the construction of a new raptor education center or the sponsorship of an aviary, and are available at several donation levels. Submit the form to the right to find out more!


Volunteer time, helping at the Birds of Prey Northwest facilities. This may include cleaning and the upkeep of aviaries, picking up branches and debris after a wind storm, or any number of other tasks that continually need to be attended to.

At times, there are also limited openings for interns. Many daily tasks are required in providing the best care possible to birds at BoPNW, from preparation of meat for feeding to general observation of behavior in the enclosures. Under direct supervision and instruction from Janie, interns may also sometimes help perform various medical and well-being check-ups for the birds of prey.

"Birds of prey serve as cornerstones of a broader message of stewardship and conservation at the local level."