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Photo credit: Mary Malone, the Bonner County Daily Bee

Mary Malone at the Bonner County Daily Bee recently wrote a wonderful article about our visit to Sandpoint's Homeschool Academy!

Read the article here: Bonner County Daily Bee

Photo credit: Mary Malone, the Bonner County Daily Bee

Photo credit: Mary Malone, the Bonner County Daily Bee

Please note that there will be additional traveling costs for travel over 100 miles from our facilities.

All money received for these programs pays for food and care of our rehabilitating and educational birds – we receive no payment for our volunteer services presenting these wonderful birds.

Program Two: This program also includes five different species, but does not include an eagle. This presentation is typically more appropriate for younger ages. The cost of this program is $350.

Program One: This program features five different species of raptors and includes either a bald or a golden eagle. The cost of this program is $500.

Raptors are fascinating birds: the silent night-hunting owls, the day-hunting hawks, the fish eating ospreys, the fast flying falcons, and the mighty eagles.

Birds of Prey Northwest offers educational programs—including live raptors—for all ages and grades, at schools, museums, libraries, public events and professional conferences in multiple states.

Recent and Upcoming Programs:

Canyon Elementary, Sorenson Elementary, Kootenai Wildlife Refuge, Libby Dam

For more information on either of these programs,

please submit the following form: